The Best Anti Virus

Virus words that we often hear. Anti virus question what is the best?. I try all kinds of anti-virus had not felt safe for a long time. As I experienced recently, I use AVG Free update almost every day via the Internet.

So I feel a bit safer against harmful viruses, but that happens very disappointing, a few days ago I copy data from the client computer I use flasdisk, although actually in the client PC I have installed AVG and the updates almost every day, I still care but because AVG does not detect anything suspicious then finished copy so I input data directly to the flash disk Laptops me, but I surprised because flasdisk icon changes to a folder icon, so I suspicious that something is wrong and then I scan with AVG recently I updated, but not found anything.

It's because I try to change the AVG with Avira and I update online, so I finished scanning my laptop and flash, and the results are staggering around 50 viruses detected.

So which is best? . I've tried various antivirus and that's the pay like Norton, but the same problem, first the PC hospital one of the clients I use Norton Antivirus and buy a license, and regularly update online, but still have not detected the virus that I know things This is because after the data copy from PC Hospital, Then I try to use Kaspersky Scan in PC and in fact there are other viruses were detected.

In conclusion though is carefully and regularly update anti-virus still remains only a PC can be dangerous to us.


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