Get Traffic And Get Paid With Traffic Exchange

Get Traffic And Get Paid With Traffic Exchange. Traffic exchange one way to bring in traffic, this time I will write about EasyHits4U, one of the traffic exchange since 2003 and has more than 120.423 members. You can join with EasyHits4U for free.

You can add sites and select the target visitors with Geo Targeting such as, worldwide, Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America, surf timer between 15-40 seconds. EasyHits4U pay $ 0.3 for every 1000 surf, payout $ 3 done within 5-7 working days.

I think EasyHits4U is one of the best Traffic Exchange, especially with their support. One day my blog was blocked by EasyHits4U, then I ask them what the problem , that day I also get the answers. After that, I fix my blog and add blog again

What I like from EasyHits4U is good support and fast payment, I have been paid twice.
Join with EasyHits4U

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Y!Multi Messenger

Y!Multi Messenger allow you to run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger version 8. How To Use Y!Multi Messenger,You will need the Y!Multi Messenger ,extract all file then copy "RaveButtons.ocx and Y!Multi Messenger.exe" to c:\program files\yahoo\messenger folder . Download Here

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Verifying Paypal With Payoneer Debit Card

After know that can verify the information with the paypal debit card payoneer from FriendFinder affiliate I was happy because I do not have a credit card then I join with FriendFinder, and now I already have a Payoneer Debit Card is. Oops how to verify paypal, because my debit card balance is 0 (zero), then I search for information about Verifying Paypal With Payoneer Debit Card

All blog that discusses payoneer from friendfinder, only explains how to get a card, but does not explain how to load balance based on her own experience, because I still have not got enough information, then ask me directly to payoneer, and their answers are:
1. Western Union are loads available at U.S. locations only.

2. Payoneer cards may be used to validate a PayPal account. You may not, however, load your Payoneer card using PayPal.

One of the important from the affiliate program with Frienfinder is:

"You must maintain the traffic quality of 1 free member in 20 uniques and 1 paid membership in 25 free members at all times or else your account will be converted to the Percentage Program."

I far as know, we can not load balance a debit card from payoneer affiliate Friendfrinder with Credit Card before we get paid from affiliate of Friendfinder, Read all the rules when you sign up there

Hopefully my information is useful

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Get Paid To Review Earn $ 1 - $ 10 / day

Get Paid To Review with Ciao, join with Ciao it's free and easy you can start to actively participate as soon as your Ciao account has been activated. Why do we pay by Ciao, Ciao earns the money from online advertising with Retailers who pay to have their online stores linked from the site.

You are free to make a review of there products such as, computers, electronics, cameras, video games, movies and other. Number of reviews you make affect the amount of money you get.

Different with other Paid To Review program, join with Ciao does not need a blog or website, after your account is active you can immediately make a review of the product you like. Minimum payout $ 5 and paid through paypal. At least you have to make a review before you can view the amount of money you get. So what are you waiting for join now……

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Remove the navbar in blogspot

Remove navbar is nothing difficult, there are several ways to remove the navbar are

# navbar-iframe (
display: none;
height: 0;
visibility: hidden;

Usually I place the code before the "body (... ... .. ) "

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