Verifying Paypal With Payoneer Debit Card

After know that can verify the information with the paypal debit card payoneer from FriendFinder affiliate I was happy because I do not have a credit card then I join with FriendFinder, and now I already have a Payoneer Debit Card is. Oops how to verify paypal, because my debit card balance is 0 (zero), then I search for information about Verifying Paypal With Payoneer Debit Card

All blog that discusses payoneer from friendfinder, only explains how to get a card, but does not explain how to load balance based on her own experience, because I still have not got enough information, then ask me directly to payoneer, and their answers are:
1. Western Union are loads available at U.S. locations only.

2. Payoneer cards may be used to validate a PayPal account. You may not, however, load your Payoneer card using PayPal.

One of the important from the affiliate program with Frienfinder is:

"You must maintain the traffic quality of 1 free member in 20 uniques and 1 paid membership in 25 free members at all times or else your account will be converted to the Percentage Program."

I far as know, we can not load balance a debit card from payoneer affiliate Friendfrinder with Credit Card before we get paid from affiliate of Friendfinder, Read all the rules when you sign up there

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